Foundation of Life in Islam

Education (تعلیم)

The first verse of Quran was “Iqra Bismi Rabbika” which means “Read in the name of Allah”. Our Prophet Mohammad SAW was first instructed for Reading. This demonstrates the value of Education in Islam. So educate your children even if you have to cut your meals for it. Kanch Ki Masjid is not only a place for worship but will be a hub for Education.

Worship (عبادت)

When somebody asked Prophet Mohammad SAW what is “Deen”, the Prophet answered in short that Deen is the name of “Worship of God” (خدا کی عبادت) and “Service of Humanity” (مخلوق کی خدمت). Kanch Ki Masjid will be a place where 1,00,000 people can together offer Salat (Namaz).

Service (خدمت)

The second integral part of “Deen” as per our Prophet Mohammad SAW is “Serving the Humanity” (مخلوق کی خدمت). Under the Kanch Ki Masjid project a hospital will be established where poor people will be able to get treatments for free irrespective of their religion.

Trade (تجارت)

One day someone asked Prophet Mohammad SAW what I should do – service or business. The Prophet said that the business is always better than service. Under the Kanch Ki Masjid project a mini World Trade Center will be developed where people will get exposure to the potential Import/Export business opportunities.

Donate To Become Part of a Noble Cause

As this noble project require huge investment (over 100 Crore), the TIFSIT asks every citizen to donate for the Mosque at least Rs. 10 (Ten). We will heartily accept if somebody want to donate more than that. Donating for Mosque is a “Sadka E Zaria” and you will keep getting SAWAB for this forever.

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Projects Under “Kanch Ki Masjid”


Masjid (The Mosque of Glass)

Kanch Ki Masjid will be developed as the 8th wonder of world. The estimated cost to build the Glass Mosque will be over Rs. 100 Crore.

Hitech Madarsa By The Islamic Foundation Saharanpur India Trust-outer2

High-Tech Madrasa

A high-tech Madrasa (School) will be established to provide higher education along with religious education ( Dini Taleem)


Higher Competition Coaching

A high-tech coaching center will be developed where we will prepare students for competitions of IAS, IPS, PCS, IIT and NEET etc.

Dream is Big But Courage is Bigger

Having 100 Crore of budget it’s a big dream but our courage is even bigger. 266 Acre land has already been acquired for this noble cause in District Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh (India).

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Crore Budget

Acre Land

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Our Mentors

Adv. Mohammad Ali - Director

Adv. Mohammad Ali


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Haji Jalaluddeen Siddique


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Abdul Salam


Sayyed Sahim Parvez - Vice president

Sayyed Sahim Parvez

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Mohammad Nazim - Vice president

Mohammad Nazim

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Waseem Ahamed

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Mohammad Amir - Joint Secretary

Mohammad Amir

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