Funds Collection Process

Where The Funds Will Come From?

Yes, money is the basic need for everything and this is true for “Kanch Ki Masjid” as well. Here are the potential sources of funds collection for “Kanch Ki Masjid”.

  • In India, Muslims population is 25 Crore out of which 15 Crore are adult. The Islamic Foundation Saharanpur India Trust (TIFSIT) asks Rs. 10 from each adult citizen of India through which we can easily achieve our target.

  • A toll-free number will be issued. You can simply donate Rs. 10 with a miss call on that number.

  • People from India can pay their donation by Direct Bank Transfer, PayTm, PhonePe, Google Pay or Debit/Credit Cards.

  • People form outside of India are also welcome if they want to donate for this noble cause.

  • People from outside of India can pay their donation by Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal or Debit/Credit Cards.

  • Mosque construction will require 1,00,000 Ton glass. You can send broken glass pots, bottles etc. via trains or transport.

  • If a Non-Muslim also wants to give donation it will be happily accepted and used as per the guidelines.

  • People can also send Cement, Concert, Steel and Iron rods etc.

  • Zakat, Sadka and Fitra will not be accepted. Only the IMDAAD (Help) will be accepted.

Transparency In Collection of Donation


No Cash Based Collection

To keep transparency and stop corruption TIFSIT will not issue any kind of printed receipts or cash voucher etc.
If somebody found collecting payment on the name of “Kanch Ki Masjid” with such receipts/vouchers, it will be a fraud and should immediately be reported. Strict legal action will be taken against such people.


All Payments Online or Bank Transfer

All the donations will be accepted only by Cheque, Draft, MO, RTGS, Bank Transfer, PayTm, Google Pay and PhonePe etc. This way all the donation will come directly into bank account and hence will easily be recorded tracked.