TIFSIT Held A Press Conference About Kanch Ki Masjid Plan


The Islamic Foundation Saharanpur India Trust held a press conference (TIFSIT) and told about the plan and specialties of Kanch Ki Masjid – The Mosque of Glass.

President of TIFSIT Mr. Mohd. Ali Advocate has told that the “Kanch Ki Masjid” will be built with a budget of over Rs. 100 Crore. Initially the name of this Mosque was decided to be “Masjid e Allah” but now it will be named as the “Kanch Ki Masjid”.

 “Kanch Ki Masjid” is an International dream project, so it was implicit that the location of Mosque must also be unique and beautiful. The TIFSIT team has travelled over 2000 Km. in search of such beautiful location. Then finally a land in the lap of Shivalik Mountains, near Mirzapur (Saharanpur) was selected for this great Mosque of Glass i.e. “Kanch Ki Masjid”. Alluring green mountains, beautiful Rivers and green forests enhance the beauty of this location.


Kanch Ki Masjid will be a mega project and over 1,00,000 people can together offer the Salat (Namaz) in Mosque ground at once. There will be 1,000 flats constructed around the Mosque. Kanch Ki Masjid will be illuminated with 1,000 laser lights.

The Mosque will be bulletproof and earthquake resistant. Engineers from Belgium and experts from Firozabad, Mumbai and Saharanpur will decorate the Mosque to make it look wonderful. A helipad will also be developed so that people from all around the work can visit this great Mosque.

800 Bigha land has already been acquired by the trust for Kanch Ki Masjid project. The plan is to have this great Mosque and subsidiary projects completed within 5 years.