Land Has Been Acquired Near Saharanpur For Kanch Ki Masjid


The Islamic Foundation Saharanpur India Trust (TIFSIT) has organized a press conference on Dec 1, 2020. In this press conference the president of TIFSIT Mr. Mohd. Ali Advocate has announced that 800 Bigha Land has been acquired by the trust for construction of Kanch Ki Masjid – The Glass of Mosque.

Mr. Ali said that the trust had taken the decision to make this mosque of glass a year ago which was a dream project for us. Now the dream has started becoming the reality. We are really excited on acquiring land for this noble cause.

The construction was planned to be started in 2020, but the project was delayed by one year due to COVID-19 pandemic.


The TIFSIT team has travelled over 2000 Km. in search of a beautiful location. Then finally a land in the lap of Shivalik Mountains, near Mirzapur (Saharanpur) was selected for this great Mosque of Glass i.e. “Kanch Ki Masjid”. Alluring green mountains, beautiful Rivers and green forests enhance the beauty of this location.

He said that the project map has been prepared, and we will very soon start the construction process. Engineers from Belgium, New Delhi and Saharanpur are working great in preparation of the map for this great architecture.

Haji Mr. Jalaluddin Siddique said that we have not taken any donation so far however we will need the donation as we go as this is the project of over 100 Crore rupees. However, no cash donation will be accepted but all the donation will only be accepted digitally.

TIFSIT Seeks Donation for This Noble Cause

As this noble project require huge investment (over 100 Crore), the TIFSIT asks every citizen to donate for the Mosque at least Rs. 10 (Ten). We will heartily accept if somebody wants to donate more than that. Donating for Mosque is a “Sadka E Zaria” and you will keep getting SAWAB for this forever. So be part of this noble cause today and donate for the “Kanch Ki Masjid – The Mosque of Glass”.