Facts & Figures of Kanch Ki Masjid

If you are here, you must be willing to know the key facts and specialties about Kanch Ki Masjid. Well, you are at the right place then. Here are some key facts about “Kanch Ki Masjid – The Mosque of Glass” being developed by “The Islamic Foundation Saharanpur India Trust” (TIFSIT).

Budget of Kanch Ki Masjid

Fund Required

The budget of “Kanch Ki Masjid – The Mosque of Glass” is over Rs. 100 Crore.


1,00,000 Ton Glass will be required in construction of the Glass Mosque.

Steel and Iron

10,000 Ton Steel and Iron rods will be required.

Concrete and Cement

40,000 Ton concrete and iron cement and other material will be required to form the base of the Mosque.


5,000 Fiber will be required in Glass doors and windows.

Gold and Silver

100 Kg. Gold and 200 Kg. Silver will be required in design work.

Highlights of Kanch Ki Masjid

8th Wonder of World

“Kanch Ki Masjid – The Mosque of Glass” will be designed and developed as the 8th wonder of the World.

Capacity of Mosque

1,00,000 people can offer Salat (Namaz) at once in this great Mosque of Glass.

Enlightened with Laser Lights

The Mosque will be illuminated with 10,000 laser lights.


The Mosque will be Bulletproof and Earthquake resistant, Insha’Allah.


Masjid overall life will be more than 1,000 years.

Engineering and Art

Engineers from Belgium and experts from Saharanpur, Mumbai, Firozabad and Moradabad will make this Mosque wonderful and memorable.

Air Conditioned

The mosque will be centrally air-conditioned.

Decorated With Fountains

There will be 1,000 fountains around the Mosque.

Surrounding Environment

The Mosque location is surrounded with beautiful mountains, green forest with relaxing River side.

Employment For Many Thousands

Hospital, shopping mall, guest house etc. will need a good amount of human resources. Hence, with multiple subsidiaries of Kanch Ki Masjid, many thousands of people will get the employment.

Tourist Place

The site will be developed as the tourist place, so tourists can come from all countries and see this 8th wonder of the world. This will help our country earn foreign currency.

Other Subsidiaries of “Kanch Ki Masjid”

High-Tech Madrasa

A high-tech Madrasa (School) to provide higher education along with religious education (Dini Taleem)

One Thousand Flats

The Mosque will be surrounded by 1,000 beautiful flats. The rental income of flats will be used for running expenses of the Mosque.

Mini World Trade Center

A mini World Trade Center will be developed near Mosque to increase international business opportunities in the country.

High-Tech Coaching Center

A high-tech coaching center will be developed where we will prepare students for competitions of IAS, IPS, PCS, IIT and NEET etc.

Helipad Construction

A Helipad will be constructed so that VIPs from India and other countries can easily visit the place.

Guest House

A guest house will be constructed for guests from all around the world.


TIFSIT will construct an auditorium and sports stadium which would accommodate 10,000 people at once.


A Hospital will be constructed to serve poor people for free.

Fire Brigade Station

A fire brigade station will be constructed to help in case of fire emergency.

Shopping Mall

A Shopping Mall for tourists to make the goods available at economical price.

Marriage of Poor Girls

The Islamic Foundation Saharanpur India Trust arrange and bears all costs of many poor girls every year. This target will be increased and the TIFSIT will get many hundreds of poor girls married each year.


5,000 Sq. yards land will be allotted for Muslim graveyard.

TIFSIT Seeks Donation for This Noble Cause

As this noble project require huge investment (over 100 Crore), the TIFSIT asks every citizen to donate for the Mosque at least Rs. 10 (Ten). We will heartily accept if somebody wants to donate more than that. Donating for Mosque is a “Sadka E Zaria” and you will keep getting SAWAB for this forever. So be part of this noble cause today and donate for the “Kanch Ki Masjid – The Mosque of Glass”.