Architecture and Interior Design Plan In Process

Kanch Ki Masjid Proposed Interior

“Kanch Ki Masjid” is an International dream project so The Islamic Foundation Saharanpur India Trust (TIFSIT) is taking a deep care about architecture and interior designs plan of the Kanch Ki Masjid.

Engineers from Belgium and New Delhi has already started the work on the design plan. The design of Kanch Ki Masjid will be unique and the Mosque will be designed as the 8th Wonder of the World.

The Mosque will be surrounded by 1,000 fountains and will be illuminated by 1,000 laser lights. Workers from Firozabad, Mumbai and Saharanpur will show their expertise in interior designing of Kanch Ki Masjid to make it unique and memorable.

Exterior Design of Kanch Ki Masjid Being Finalized

The Mosque will also be surrounded by 1,000 flats which will give the architecture a circular design view. There will be multiple entry gates for the Mosque.

Exterior Design of Kanch Ki Masjid Being Finalized