Staff Selection

Kanch Ki Masjid would an internationally renowned mosque, so it is implicit to maintain the dignity of its staff as well. Staff selection for the mosque will be based on below criteria.

staff selection process for kanch ki masjid

Selection Process

Selection of Imam Sahab – There would be a national level “Qiraat Competition” performed in 3 stages. The winner of 1st prize would be selected as “Paish Imam”. The Second runner-up will be selected as “Nayab Imam” and the third one would be the “Muezzin” (Mu’adhdhin).

There would be at least 10 Khadim (Servants) appointed for cleaning and maintenance of Kanch Ki Masjid.

staff criteria for kanch ki masjid

Selection Criteria

Short The “Paish Imam” and “Nayab Imam” must be Hafiz, Qari, Maulvi and must have good command overwritten and verbal Urdu, Hindi and English languages.

The “Paish Imam” and “Nayab Imam” must not be associated with any political party.

staff salaries for kanch ki masjid


As of current date the minimum salaries of these three are defined as below.
Paish Imam – Rs. 30,000
Nayab Imam – Rs. 25,000
Muezzin – Rs. 20,000

This is the minimum salary and can be increased time to time as per the management decision.

staff residence for kanch ki masjid


It will be the responsibility of Mosque Committee to provide well maintained residence for Paish Imam, Nayab Imam and the Muezzin.